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Welcome to Pryme CX!

At Pryme CX, we are passionate about customer experience. As experts in the Genesys Cloud CX platform, we specialize in delivering tailored solutions to elevate your interactions with customers.

Our customer-centric approach ensures we understand your unique challenges and goals. From design to maintenance, we provide seamless services, driving satisfaction, loyalty, and growth.

With a strong Genesys partnership and continuous training, we offer innovative solutions that unlock your business's true potential.

Explore our services, schedule a consultation, and let's create unforgettable experiences for your customers together!

Our Services

Speech-Enabled IVR

Equip your customers to resolve issues faster with multilingual speech-enabled IVR. Natural language understanding (NLU) technology lets your customers interact with your system in a way that feels completely natural.


Simplify your customer journeys with conversational voicebots that move freely across interactions and channels. Manage, unify and orchestrate any bot across phone, web chat, mobile messaging and smart speakers.


Give customers 24/7 self-service assistance with AI-powered chatbots. Handle tasks more efficiently across any digital channel with bots — and easily transfer interactions to a live agent while keeping the conversational context.

Inbound Voice Routing (ACD)

Inbound voice uses your company’s defined business priorities to segment and rank interactions. This enhances your ability to meet your SLAs for all voice interactions — without creating complex routing strategies or adding resources.


If your contact center is busy, use IVR to offer an option for callback while allowing callers to keep their positions in the queue. Scheduling immediate or delayed callbacks eliminates the need for customers to wait on hold to speak with an agent — and that increases customer satisfaction.

Predictive Routing

Ensure that every customer interaction is routed to the best available agent. Using Genesys AI, predictive routing continuously analyzes real-time data to predict outcomes, matching customers to the best agent while optimizing for important contact center KPIs.


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